About VotingBC

              Chair, Maxwell Anderson

VotingBC (the nonpartisan Committee for Voting Equity in BC) began in 2003. In 2004 it made public presentations to meetings held by the B.C. Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, an organization launched by the British Columbia government. We also made the longest and arguably most comprehensive of the 1,603 written submissions received by the Citizens’ Assembly in preparation for B.C.’s 2005 Referendum on Electoral Reform.

Subsequently VotingBC’s Chair, Maxwell Anderson, PhD, served on the Board of Directors of Fair Voting BC while it was funded by the provincial government as the official proponent of the Yes campaign in B.C.’s 2009 electoral reform referendum.

VotingBC made oral and written submissions to the federal government’s Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) during their hearings in 2016.

VotingBC made one of 44 submissions by organizations to the British Columbia government’s “How We Vote” consultation in 2018. (This was the largest public engagement in B.C. history with over 90,000 citizens making submissions via questionnaire.)

VotingBC subsequently campaigned in British Columbia’s unsuccessful 2018 referendum for electoral reform.


By email:  email address max-at-voting-b-c-dot-c-a

Gathering signatures on a petition in favour of
proportional representation at a farm market

Who are pro rep supporters? It’s a great group of people dedicated to making their votes, and their neighbour’s votes, really count. Every time, no matter who they’re voting for. That’s modern, reliable voting.

And they’re dedicated to democratic discourse.

Take Action

If you want to join in the movement for improved democracy, consider donating or volunteering at Fair Vote Canada and please send us a note to let us know you’ve done so.

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