True Majority Rule With Pro Rep

Did you feel sad like this puppy after voting

The number of people who feel sad after voting because their vote didn’t help elect an MLA of their choosing is immense:

roughly 60 per cent of B.C. voters entirely marginalized for the past 16 years of one-party rule” (Douglas Todd)

Even worse, our old voting system, First-Past-The-Post, often causes complete control of the Legislature to go to MLAs representing a minority of voters:

88 percent of BC governments since 1956 have been false majorities

Here are some famous examples of First-Past-The-Post distorting the representation of voters:

But does it have to be this way? Does your vote have to be wasted if you don’t vote for your local winner? No. With proportional representation’s modern voting your vote would almost certainly count:

Because Pro Rep makes almost every vote count, the legislature necessarily comes to have the majority of MLAs having the support of the majority of voters. It’s true majority rule. No more getting complete control of the legislature based on just 39% support.

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