Voting Systems as Gardening

Pro Rep pictured as a garden.


“The Community Vegetable Garden”

Our present, non-proportional, voting system:

Proportional representation of voters:

A popular way to implement proportional representation is to use a voting system called Mixed Member Proportional:

MMP: You vote twice, once for a local candidate, and again for your favourite regional candidate. As of 2021 it had been used for 72 years in Germany, 25 years in New Zealand, and a number of years in Scotland, Wales, and other countries, where people are generally happy with it.

“IF YOU WERE GROWING A GARDEN” compliments of Marc Gasparotto.  The Sightline Institute provided the remaining illustrations by François Vigneault, of our current voting system “First-Past-The-Post” (FPTP); the alternative arrangement “Proportional Representation” (Pro Rep or PR); and Mixed Member Proportional (MMP).