Simpler Voting

Simple Voting or Vote Splitting?

Polling has shown that our TOP priority in a voting system is that it be SIMPLE.

Voting with our old First-Past-The-Post voting system is needlessly complicated:

If you want to increase your chances of not wasting your vote altogether, first you have to guess who the two leaders are in your electoral district. Then you have to vote for the one you hate least.

First-Past-The-Post wasn’t designed to handle modern, multi-party elections:

It creates vote splitting. If you vote for your favourite choice, you may inadvertently allow your least-favourite choice to win.

With Pro Rep it’s simpler. You just vote for your preference.

No complicated worries about whether those who agree with you will split their votes among two similar parties, allowing a third less-liked party to steal the election.

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Authorized by Committee for Voting Equity in BC (VotingBC), registered sponsor, Chair Maxwell Anderson, Vancouver, BC.